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Sorry I haven't been very active, I've been without a camera. ^_^' So here are some new pictures of my blue hair and my friend Ritalin.

And so it began. My friend who was taking the pictures took a billion of me and Ritalin with this sign. ^_^'

Yes I am me, not some creep taking pictures of an ugly girl to post on the web.

I have a weird thing for biting people. ^_^' I'm a creep, sorry.

I have a white band of eye shadow across my face, that's what the shine is.

My belts and pin...don't ask please.

The boy I'm in total love with, it's not a great picture...he hates camera's so it's always a quick shot or nothing. Sorry it's not good.

Last picture for now, I wish I knew how to resize pictures but as far as computers go I'm useless. ^_^'
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