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Location: winnipeg
5  fav Bands:Underoath, Greeley estates, anadivine, Alexisonfire, Thursday
3  bands you don't like:Greenday, Simple plan, good charlette
the thing you hate the most:Spiders
what do you do in your spare time:Watch tv, go onto msn, sleep
(this or that)
Thursday or thrice:Thursday
Emo or Screamo:Screamo
Hambergers or hotdogs:Hambergers
Sad or happy:happy
Matchbook Romance Or my chemical Romance:mcr
the used or my chemical romance:the used
whats your Favorite memorie:Going to Florida
where did you Get your Layout:I dont got one
Do you speak A second Language:French
Anarchists:Well i think it's cool like it's what they want so man just leaqve them alone. So really you can say it's bad but it really isn't it's just their own personal choice.
War:Ok well war is just plain bad and it makes no sense. I mean who cares if you want someone elses land it's theirs so just leave them alone.
Abortion:I think it's very wronge, to them it isn't but killing your own child like come on it's not right. If you don't want a baby don't have sex!
Death(suicide or Murder):I would think of suicide as someones exit from what they go through but instead of killing yourself wouldn't it be easier to talk to someone.
same sex marriage:Well i don't think that it's a really bad thing like who cares if there homosexual. I mean it's not hurting anyone.
make up your own opinion and answer it:Bullying:It is a bad thing those @*$es, just because there bigger they can't beat on the other people. Like come on if we all stood up to them i bet they would just stop!!!!
why do you wanna join:because i've never been in a rating comunity before an i wanna be rated
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